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The leader in quality and detail oriented security recording, S-VIDIA is founded on our unmatched and proven technology that rises above cctv industry standards to bring you utmost security and protection for your important assets.  We are not dependent on industry trends; rather, we devote our time to developing our unique and revolutionary products.  We strive to provide clientele with protection for their homes and businesses that is personalized, tamper and error proof, while providing the clearest image quality available. And because our system also has the most efficient recording capabilities available, our clients can easily search through data or find specific images. We stand by our work and our product, and we ensure that all of our customers have their questions answered and their needs met from start to finish.  

Technology Overview

While this page does not contain a detailed mapping of the extensive  technological advancements our company has developed within our products and services, it serves as a helpful overview of some key technologies and technical principles behind our products.

What we did:
Over a decade ago the founders of S-VIDIA and its team of first class programmers ventured to achieve what no one else to this day has perfected:  Flexible Delta Compression. This compression method was envisioned and created by skillful programming and security experts. The method itself has been highly sought-after, yet the theory behind it is a rudimentary idea:  "save only what is important". The concept may be simple, but the successful creation of the method demanded S-VIDIA's knowledgeable and careful team of programming engineers to accomplish. The application of our Flexible Delta Compression method allows us to provide our clients with security video that can be stored and transmitted with unprecedented efficiency and security while maintaining top rated camera output quality.  

Why we did it:
The era of prevalence for digital video recording began around the start of the millennium. Most systems on the market at the time utilized multimedia compression methods such as MPEG-4 to compress security footage. A compression method such as Motion JPEG would have produced higher quality results, however methods like this required computers with more processing power than those commonly available.  Therefore, the industry adopted the more simplistic alternative of MPEG, a multimedia compression method. To this day, security footage is predominantly compressed using the same method as YouTube movies. There is nothing wrong with using MPEG for purposes such as YouTube where detailed image quality is not always the priority, but it is an ineffective crossover method for the video security industry. Multimedia compression methods are improper for security video because they process all aspects of the video equally and indiscriminately. Video noise can be misinterpreted by recording triggers as motion, causing unnecessary recording and data usage. Another aspect of media compression that nullifies any "quality" promised by these systems is the use of a blurring filter to compensate for video noise and compression faults. Utilizing an inappropriate compression method causes poor quality, and therefore more visible pixilation. The blurring filter simply blurs the line between pixels so that the image seems smoother, while in reality this detracts heavily from the image quality and accuracy. Our company does not use the multimedia compression method shortcut for video security applications. We use our own advanced, revolutionarily designed system created specifically to meet video security needs.  

Where we will go with it:
The future of this compression method lies in the hands of those who demand quality, those who depend on accuracy and clarity of evidence, and those who will benefit from our endlessly growing catalogue of security possibilities. Our system is not recommended for applications outside of security footage, meaning media compression has a place in the future field of technology for things like films and cartoons. But our system is and will remain the absolute best option for any and all security needs due to our prowess in the industry, our history of experience, growth, and rapid advancements that have ultimately propelled us to the front running position in the digital video security revolution .