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S-VIDIA LiveDemos

The S-VIDIA Live demo will allow you to connect to a real world server using our open license S-VIDIA Client software or our simplified flash client.

In order to get the full S-VIDIA experience please try our Full Client Demo or Contact us for a personal educational walkthrough.

Login Information:


Login/Password: Please Call 1-844-SVIDIA-S or email for login information.

Please disconnect after completing demo usage.

Download Client with Connection Instructions

Show "How to Connect" video. (<1min)

FLASH Live Demo Open Full Screen (new window)

Flash Client Note:
Please understand that the image quality is reduced by the flash client which is out of our control. Though, if you find the image quality provided to be sufficient then you will certainly like what our full client can do. The flash client is simply for viewing purposes, there is no archive access.

Show Flash Client