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S-VIDIA Products

S-VIDIA carries a wide range of CCTV system components including Cameras, DVRs, CCTV monitors, and Accessories. Combine our full line of powerful video security products to protect any size facility. S-VIDIA allows seamless and harmonious operation of analog, IP, and megapixel cameras on a single platform with our hybrid DVRs (HDVRs). S-VIDIA HDVRs were developed to provide stable and reliable operation for virtually any camera. Our system also supports the widest range of display options and security specific features available. S-VIDIA will gladly work with clients who need one piece of equipment, or an entire system.

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Server Application
Record Ultra HD Security Video and provide secure video streams to client applications.

PC Client
View Live and Recorded video from S-VIDIA Servers.

Multi-Server Clients
View 100s Video Streams per Display from Multiple S-VIDIA Servers simultaneously

Mobile Clients
Access S-VIDIA Server streams remotely on your Android or Apple device.

Proxy Encoder
Encode h.264 and MJPEG cameras to FDC™ for efficient and secure streaming of video over a network.

Video Tools
Convert video S-VIDIA video format to AVI, check digital watermarks, and repair damaged files.


Preconfigured security video recorders which utilize S-VIDIA server software.

Cameras which utilize Flexible Delta Compression™ technology onboard to transmit high quality, low bandwidth, images to client and server applications.

Small devices designed to compress any existing camera standard into Flexible Delta Compression™ efficient transmission over networks.


System Health Monitoring
S-VIDIA can monitor system health parameters such as temperature and load remotely to ensure maximum performance and system life span.  

Dynamic DNS Service
We offer Dynamic DNS services to aid customers in maintaining connectivity to their security video recorders regardless of IP address changes.

Cloud Based Recording
Backup or Directly Record to our secure cloud storage environment. Retrieve video even if data is lost at your location.

Certified Installer Network
Utilize our trusted certified Installers to ensure that your security equipment is installed to meet industry standards and practices.